Truck scale software with ANPR cameras support

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) Cameras are cameras that read vehicles' number plates. The frameworks of these cameras have AI algorithms that can detect and read vehicles' number plates in real time. Smartbridge is a truck scale software that supports ANPR cameras, you can download a free trial version from the product page here. You can also download the axle truck scale eddition from here.
To enable the ANPR cameras support go to the Cameras section in the Settings screen, and enable the option "Support ANPR Cameras".

truck scale software

Then set the port number and the minimum confidence level for the plate numbers. The software will ignore any plate number that has confidence level less than the minimum confidence level. If you check the option "Create ticket automatically", the software will create a new ticket automatically when it receives a plate number from the camera, otherwise the user should press the New button and wait for camera to send the vehicle plate number. If you check the option "Open pending ticket automatically", then when the software receives a plate number from the camera it will search for pending tickets for this vehicle and it will open it automatically on the Process screen.
Note: The both above options work only when the Process screen is open/active.

ANPR fields
There are two fields that will contain information about the plate number that received from the camera, you can choose to show these fields in the Process screen if you want to see this information. These two fields are:
- ANPR confidence, which will contain the confidence level of the plate number.
- ANPR Camera, which will contain the camera name.
truck scale software
When saving the ticket, the software will also save the image(s) of the vehicle license plate that received from the camera. You can view the image(s) by pressing on the Snapshots button.
truck scale software

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