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AppManifest new Add-In for Delphi2009/2007

In Delphi2007 and Delphi2009 it's a little bit difficult if you want to change the embedded manifest in the Delphi projects, let us say for example if you want to change the Vista UAC options to set the "requestedExecutionLevel" to "requireAdministrator", even there are some workarounds, but these workarounds have "side effects" and need extra work from developers, while in other development environments like Visual Studio this task is quite easy, and you can add manifests to projects like any other items, Now this new Delphi Add-In AppManifest will make this task easy in Delphi as well,

and you will be able to add application manifest to projects like any other itmes.
another thing: this application manifest will be saved in external file <ApplicationName>.exe.manifest and that may give developers more options.
to see how to use this Add-In and to download it see AppManifest page.

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