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IBrowser version 1.2 released

I’ve released IBrowser version 1.2. This version has some new features:
. IBrowser menu.
. Integrate some TortoiseSVN commands. So, now you can do Checkout,commit, Update to folders and files from inside the Delphi IDE (this feature needs TortoiseSVN to be installed)
. Drag support. Open any file in the Delphi IDE by dragging it from IBrowser.
. New commands added to the system context menu (open with Delphi/Add to Project).
. Support multi-select option in the shell tree.
. Some minor bugs fixed.
You can download this new version from the IBrowser page. Also, you can download this video that is showing some IBrowser features. (Enjoy Syrian music during the video)

Sorry folks for this long delay in updates and I hope you like the new features.

--Issam Ali 

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