IBrowser (enahanced file browser for Delphi) released.

I've just released the version 1.0 (beta) of IBrowser Expert, an enahanced file browser for Delphi, this file browser points to the active file in the IDE source editor, and display the contents of its directory automatically, that will be very helpful to developers who needs to do some jobs with files and directories, like copy, move, zip ...etc,

with IBrowser that will be easy and just next your hand from inside the IDE. IBrowser is now available for (Delphi2006-Delphi2007-Delphi2009). for more information please refer to IBrowser page.

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This looks really cool, I just downloaded it and look forward to trying it out! Thanks!

Thanks Jim, I really appreciate that.

I can't install IBrowser for Delphi 2009 because the DockingFormPackage.bpl is missing.

@Andreas Hausladen: bug fixed and file uploaded, thanks for your comment.

Can you save the last window position? I have dual monitors and IBrowser come up between the screens.

I'll check that.

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